Work From Home Jobs That Are Not Scams – Information For Retirees To Consider

Why would I want to work from home?

Work from home call center representative

The ever-increasing world of technology has opened up a very popular trend in the world’s workforce: Work from home jobs. Large companies such as Dell and Amazon now employ remote work teams or at least use workers that spend a certain percentage of every work week working remotely.

This trend is increasing in small businesses as well. In this post, I will show you work from home jobs that are not scams and how to avoid remote jobs that are scams.

What does this mean for people who are retired or thinking about retirement?

A large majority of retired people or current workers who are thinking about retirement or preparing to retire know that their savings plans, social security, and retirement benefits won’t allow them to live comfortably like they have most of their lives.

They also know working from home will allow them the freedoms of avoiding a set schedule, driving to and from work in all kinds of traffic and saving money on such things as food, clothing, gas, and maintenance on their vehicles. The possibility of working from home gives them peace of mind.

What are some examples of work from home jobs and how do I find them?

Before giving some examples of work from home jobs I wanted to make you aware of some interesting statistics of how popular these jobs have become and how companies are benefiting from remote workers. According to Bankrate, a study done by Global Workplace Analytics for ( more on later ) in 2017 showed remote work “increased from 1.8 million to 3.9 million between 2005 and 2017”.

The study also found “Working from home benefits both workers and employers. For every employee who works from home at least half of the time, employers can save over $11,000 per year, the Global Workplace Analytics study found. And half-time telecommuters gained back 11 days a year by working from home.” These statistics have increased since 2017 and shows that this trend for remote work opportunities makes this a real possibility for retirees or people preparing to retire.

Here is a short list of popular work from home jobs:

  1. Customer Service Representatives – A great deal of business is conducted online and very often when we contact a customer representative after searching for a product or service online we are talking to a person that is working from their home. These jobs are abundant and require the worker to have high-speed internet, a quiet place to work and sometimes a dedicated phone line used only for business purposes.
  2. Call Center Tech Support Specialists Many corporations outsource all of their tech support services to telework companies that specialize in providing information technology support. Once again, when you use online chat or call tech support you might be interacting with a person working from home. These jobs usually require the applicant to take an online test to prove their proficiency with technology before securing a job and to have a quality high-speed internet connection.
  3. Social Media Specialists – Social media has increased in popularity over the last 10 years and now it’s even more important for businesses to have a strong social media presence for marketing and sales purposes. Most companies don’t have the knowledge, time, or resources to effectively engage potential customers or clients on social media. They are willing to pay for these services. There are a multitude of remote social media jobs. The potential applicant just needs to have experience with all social media platforms to apply. work from home blogger
  4. Writers and Proofreaders – With a large percentage of the population looking to their computers, tablets, and phones to gain information about almost anything there comes the need for good writers and proofreaders. Online newspapers, sports journals, business documentation, medical and dental practices, the list goes on an on. All of these organizations need writers, editors, and proofreaders. One popular category you will see on websites is blogging. Almost all company websites have a blog section. And, if you are a blogger, making money as a contract writer for websites is quite lucrative.
  5. Website Testers – There are online companies that now pay workers to review websites on computers and mobile devices. These companies, such as trymyUI, pay testers anywhere from $5 up to $20 per test to simply install their software and look at websites and then guided by certain questions talk while they review the site and give feedback about the site they are using. Once the test is complete the results are sent to the website’s developers and if the review is approved, payment is made normally to the tester’s PayPal account. I know this online job works because I have done it myself. It doesn’t pay a tremendous amount of money, however, the more tests you do the more money you make. And, it’s really fun.
  6. Nurses – Yes, even registered nurses are now working remotely. Health care services now have a computer and mobile services and insurance companies are using phone lines for patient support instead of always having a person visit the doctor office.
  7. Online Business Owners – Some people have created their own online business. They sell products they produce themselves or create drop ship sites that sell products without having to deal with inventory. Personally, I have started working in the affiliate marketing business. In June 2018 after many years of searching for an online business to start, I found Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is an online community of like-minded affiliate marketers who train and build websites that direct their efforts in personal niches. It’s free to start an account and later you can go Premium for $49 monthly or $359 yearly. Premium accounts include website design, website hosting, training courses, security, SEO, live chat, and a weekly live training webinar. It is truly an all-inclusive platform that doesn’t promise instant riches and is not a scam.  Here is my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Starter Memberhship Ad
Where can I search and find good work from home jobs?

There are many well-known websites to search for work at home jobs. and just to name a couple. Here are a few more really good sources I’ve found when searching for legitimate work from home jobs.

  • – One of the top job search sites that requires a monthly fee of $14.95. FlexJobs vets the jobs they advertise. So, it’s unlikely any of the jobs they advertise are scams.
  • – Another site that screens their jobs for scams. You only need to supply an email address and is free to join.
  • – This is a company based in Canada that specializes in remote work.
  • – This is a no registration required site dedicated to full and part-time work from home employment.
  • – This site not only lists some great work from home jobs but also contains a large amount of information for retired people.
  • – ZipRecruiter requires a fee for businesses to post jobs on their site. This is pretty much a guarantee that their job listings do not contain scams.

Lastly, here is a great article I found listing job sites that only post legitimate job opportunities.

How to avoid scams when looking for work from home jobs

work from home scammer caught by the police

While work from home jobs are becoming more and more popular with retired people, work from home job scams have also increased. Back in 2011, Forbes magazine reported, “The Federal Trade Commission received 8,192 complaints involving work-at-home business opportunities in 2010.”

Since that time the popularity and availability of work from home jobs has multiplied two-fold. So, it goes without saying that scams have increased two-fold as well. The primary goal of work from home job scams is to steal your money, either by obtaining your credit card details and banking information or stealing your personal data such as your social security number.

Here are some examples of work from home job scams:

  • Multi-level (MLM) with a pyramid scheme and extra-curricular activity – Multi-level marketing is not illegal. However, these schemes turn suspicious when they require membership fees from new members and or sellers.
  • Job Agencies that are not really “Job Agencies” – If a company asks you to pay a fee to get a list of work from home jobs or make a guarantee that you will get a job by paying a fee it’s not a legitimate job agency. A legal job agency will never ask you to pay a fee and they certainly offer legitimate jobs.
  • Packaging Jobs – The worst part of these bogus work from home job postings is if you fall for it and get the “job” you could be considered a criminal as well. Simply stated, you are hired to send packages or forward packages to another country in return for payment that you never receive. Once you send the package you may be subject to criminal penalties.
  • Mystery Shopper – In this scam you apply for a job as a mystery shopper and then are given assignments to make purchases at various stores and report how your experience. The catch, in this case, is the job applicant is first required to pay a registration fee to be able to find shopping assignments.

The list goes on and on. So, what can a person do to avoid these types of work from home scams?

Here are some things to look for when weeding out work from home jobs scams:

  • If the company asks for money up front: IT’S A SCAM
  • Did you actually speak to a person when applying for the job or was the process done only via email? If you never speak to a person but only correspond via email about the job, IT’S A SCAM.
  • The email address seems odd and the website just isn’t right: If the email address is generic, IE: Gmail or Yahoo, and the URL for the companies website seems unrealistic or doesn’t exist, IT’S A SCAM.
  • The job details lack substance: If the job description lacks any real information about what the requirements are or only promises riches, IT’S A SCAM.
  • There is little to no reliable information about the company: If you can’t find anything online about the company or anyone who works there, IT’S A SCAM. Helpful tip: Search for the company using Glassdoor to see any comments left from a suspicious companies employees.

Here are some things you can do to avoid the scams:

  • Never ever pay anyone money up front to obtain a job.
  • Make sure you speak to a real person about any job you apply for. Try to set up a video conference with management to talk about the job.
  • Research the company. Try to find reviews of the company from people who have worked there.
  • Trust your own thoughts about the job. If it seems too good to be true or promises of riches are made, then you should feel confident it’s a scam.

The Better Business Bureau has a great site for scam checking. Click here to access the site and check if the job you are applying for has had complaints.

My final thoughts on work from home jobs that are not scams

The possibility of working from home is a wonderful option for retired people or people who are preparing for retirement and want to continue working to make extra income. The popularity of this trend is growing each year. When looking for a work from home job use common sense and follow the steps outlined in this post to avoid scams.  Please share on your social media platforms and feel free to leave comments.

Thank you,

Calvin Harris

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