Work From Home Chat Jobs [An Alternative For Retirees]


One of the goals of is to show retired people alternative ways to make money. Specifically, ways to make money from the comfort of their own homes.

My long term vision for my business is to engage in conversations online with my viewers so that we all learn from each other and promote work from home possibilities for future retirees.

In this post, I will discuss what work from home chat jobs are and show this option is an alternative for retirees to make money from home.

What Working From Home Means For Retirees

For most of us who are retired and have pensions and savings plans really only have enough money to live comfortably.

We are always thinking about and looking for ways to make some money to assist with travel, entertainment and other things we want to do, but can’t afford.

piggy bank showing extra money

We would like to make more money, however, our days of fighting traffic and working long hours for someone else keeps us from working in a job away from home. That is a perfectly natural feeling after many years of traveling to and from work five days a week.

We want to be able to work a flexible schedule around our available time and possibly only work the amount hours necessary to make some extra income.

For all the reasons above, working from home can be a perfect fit and an alternative way for retirees to make extra income. Read my related post about work from home jobs here.

What is a remote chat job?

Most of you are probably asking, what is a remote chat job? Is this a real possibility? Are companies really hiring people to be chat agents? And, do they really allow them to work from home?

A remote chat job is a customer service position where the chat agent answers queries from customers online. Because of advances in technology, more and more companies are turning to live chat support. Some agents are even available 24 hours a day seven days a week.

How does remote chat benefit a company?

It’s important to understand how remote live chat benefits a company to understand what the job is all about. More and more customers are visiting business websites for information and to make purchases now.

According to this blog post on, more than 30% of customers visiting a business website expect to engage with a live chat representative and 62% using mobile devices want to use live chat.

Here are some reasons why businesses want to use and employ live remote chat agents:

  • Reduced cost – Traditional phone support is very expensive. Live chat support is 17-30% cheaper than phone support.
  • Improve customer service – Live chat is real time support which means customers know you are always there and available to assist with problems. This assures customer loyalty.
  • Quick Problem Solving – In past years websites have connected users with phone agents or listed links to troubleshooting tips that customers needed to wade through to find answers to their problems. Now with live chat agents customers get the exact link to documentation quickly to solve their problem. Also, screen sharing is another technology that allows agents to see the exact problem a customer is having and even allows the support tech to take control of the user’s screen to resolve the issue.
  • Proactive Monitoring – Today’s technology allows for websites to design chat features that allow agents to know when a user enters their site. A chat agent can then initiate a conversation with the user which is real time proactive customer support.
  • Reporting Advantage – With traditional phone support, businesses have no way to capture performance other than listening to recorded calls which is time-consuming and costly. Email support is better but limits performance analytics. Live chat records are all captured and allow businesses to understand issues users are having with their services and products in real time. This captured information gives a business an advantage over other businesses who do not use live chat agents for support.

Where Can You Find Remote Chat Jobs?

You will get the best results when doing an online search for “remote chat jobs”. There are many companies who are constantly hiring remote chant agents. Some of these positions are full time and some are part-time.

As with any job search online, make sure to do good research about the company and anyone you speak to or interview with. Remember to never pay anyone to apply for a from home

Most likely you will need to meet the following requirements to be considered for a remote chat job:

  • You will need a reliable internet connection. The job listing will tell you what download speed your connection will need to be.
  • You will need to be able to type at least 35-40 words per minute
  • Your writing will need to be clear and free of typos and grammatical errors
  • You may also need a certain amount of previous experience with customer service
  • You will need the discipline to work from home
  • You will need to multi-task by handling several problems or conversations at one time
  • You will need to be friendly and compassionate with customers

Here is a list of some of the most popular companies that advertise remote chat jobs:

Arise – Arise is one of the more legitimate companies that hire remote chat agents. They hire for companies in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom

FlexJobs – FlexJobs is a paid service charging $14.99 monthly. The fee is well worth it as their jobs are updated regularly and are all checked for scams before they are posted.

Indeed – After searching for online chat jobs on Indeed you will see a list of jobs linked to individual company websites. This makes searching with Indeed very convenient.

Apple – If you know a lot about Apple products they hire “Apple Home Advisors” frequently. Not all of their remote customer support jobs are chat only, however, their customer jobs are some of the best.

Concentrix – These are normally full-time tech support positions. Concentrix partners with many companies to provide online support.

LiveWorld – LiveWorld provides an interesting option for remote chat jobs. This support is done via social media and messaging applications.

Best Buy – The technology giant Best Buy hires remote customer service agents to assist customers with purchasing and product support.


If you are retired and want to make extra income because your pension and retire benefits are not providing enough money, consider working from home online. Work from home remote chat jobs are abundant and provide the ability to work without using a phone.

You may not have a quite workplace in your home or just don’t want to talk on the phone while working. In this post you’ve seen the advantages businesses have when using remote chat agents and I’ve given you some of the more popular websites to visit to inquire about work from home chat jobs.

Please feel free to share my post on your social media platforms and feel free to leave comments. I will respond to your comments as soon as possible.

Thank you,

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