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Hello Everyone

My name is Calvin Harris. I am a retired law enforcement officer from Mechanicsville, Virginia. I retired from the Richmond Virginia Police Department in 2006. Since that time I have been working mainly in the information technology industry. Currently, I currently work for a web design company in a support role. I handle client requests to make changes on their websites.

I’m married to my wonderful wife Christine and we have two boys, Cal Jr. 21 and Cameron 18. I also have a son, Zach 28, who is currently serving in the United States Army.



After graduating from college in 1983, I knew I didn’t want to be tied to an office or a desk and had always had a desire to work in law enforcement. Service to my community was instilled in me by my father while I was growing up. I retired from law enforcement when I was 46 years old. The main reason I retired at such a young age was to be able to spend more time with my boys who were still very young. So many law enforcement officers had told me over the years their one regret about being a police officer was not really seeing their children grow up. The job requires a person to work all hours of the day which leads to missing many family activities.

This service to community lifestyle leads me now to the reason I created onlineretirementrevenue.com. I want to help others like me in their retirement. What better way to do that than to show others ways to make money using the internet.



The goal of onlineretirementrevenue.com is to offer other retired people the tools and resources that I have found to make money using the internet. Also, I will identify scams that take advantage of retired people and making suggestions and tips on how to save money while on a limited budget.  After retirement, we never have the same financial lifestyle we had previously. I would also hope that the blog posts I create will encourage other retired people to engage online in a conversation with me and others who are interested in making more money during their retired years.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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